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PLEASE NOTE: There is no CONCRETE COUNTERTOP course currently scheduled for 2018.

ISBA is proud to present a short workshop on design and construction of concrete countertops. Concrete has become a material that homeowners are incorporating in the most amazing ways and leading the charge in the concrete craze is the medium as a first choice for countertops.
Concrete is a warm, natural looking material that joins well with the popularity of other natural materials like wood, stone and brick.

Stains, coloring pigments, aggregates and epoxy coatings give concrete the look, texture and feel of quarried stone such as marble, granite and limestone.

Students will be able to build, form and pour their own cafĂ© sized table top to take home. This off-site pour will be heavy, so students must be prepared to transport their final project. Approximate size: 2’ by 2’. Retail cost of installed concrete counters is approximately $9- $11/sq foot, so the ability to finish and install is a great cost-saving measure for homeowners and builders.

Join instructor Rob Borelli as he leads students through the process of making countertops that are both functional and creative. The course will run for one full weekend. Please contact ISBA at 250.247.8922 or for course dates and details.

Concrete Countertops