Post and Beam Spring 2005
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PROJECT - Timber Post & Beam Building -20 ft. x 20ft. main floor with 20 ft. x 20 ft. second floor. Fir 8" x 8" timbers with 4" x 12" curved kneebraces. Gable roof system with Purlins and Ridge Beam on King Posts.

STUDENTS - Phillip Morgan, Kamloops , BC. Tom Allan, Hampshire, England. Bryan Hatfield, Breckenridge, Colorado. Jiri Holec, Czech Republic. Thomas Stitt, Kelowna, BC. Pete Baron, Battle Ground, WA. Tim Reimer, Wellington, Colorado. Mitch Pacholok, Quesnel, BC. Ralph McBryan, Watson Lake, Yukon. Christian Ouellette, Golden, BC.

Hard work and team effort has again manifested extraordinary outcomes. In this case a beautiful Timber Post & Beam project, the size a bit intimidating at first, conquered in record time!

The woodworking in this group was phenomenal, and we took pride in seeing your joinery all come together with relative ease.

The raising went smoothly. Everyone pitching in. Our fitters, crane swampers, tweakers and our high flyers went at it; everyone's role this day was just as worthy and recognized as the next guys. Fantastic work! Congratulations to all of you!

Leaving us (sadly!) is Pet Baron. Pete, always positive and genuine, you are big man with an even bigger heart and we know good things are coming your way- have fun living on your boat, make sure you come by when you sail to Gabe!

Tim Reimer- exuberant, intelligent , with a lot of laughs. Very nice having you here Tim. The sauna door will always be open for you! Please keep in touch!

Christian Ouellette- talented, hard working and knowledgable. We will miss that smiling face of yours Chris. You provided good energy to everyone around you. Keep on the woodworking path- it is natural progression for you.

Mitch Pacholok- very wise, strong and healthy! Mitch you blew us away with your accomplishments, not only at ISBA but the work you have done on your own home and workshop- you made a paradise. Inspiring!

Ralph McBryan- you are an amazing, fun loving person who wholeheartedly participated in every aspect of the course. You were a gem Ralph. All the best to you on designing and building you family home!

TO all- I look forward to hearing of your next adventures in life. ..

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