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Through out the Build a Rumford Fireplace and Decretive Stone Work course students will learn to employ the following skills as they are learned in this course

  • ID of tools and their uses in stone/block work
  • Definition of proper footing and foundations for supporting masonry structures
  • Forms and placing concrete
  • Code Compliance
  • Mixing concrete
  • Types, Uses and mixing mortar
  • Site preparation
  • Cutting Block
  • Set block out in Ruff
  • Techniques for minimal waste
  • Lay and Properly place brick and block units
  • Plumb and build corners or working Leeds
  • Build a fire box
  • Performance and heat transfer ratios
  • Pour a reinforced concrete throat section, fire box and enter smoke chamber
  • Place damper in throat opening to ready smoke chamber
  • Build a solid concrete smoke chamber
  • Build a clay lined chimney
  • Splitting and Grading stone
  • Trimming and dressing stone
  • Id good stone from bad / what is useable
  • Different styles and bond for best structural strength
  • Laying styles for use in coursed and random stonework
  • Squaring up
  • Cutting stone for reference points

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