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While at ISBA a person notices a very impressive 4500 ft2 post and beam house. This is the main residence and the office for ISBA. This structure is made from patina   white pine timbers, traditionally joined in Craftsman style with Swiss Tyrolean and Japanese influence. It was built in 1987 by James in a shop in Surry, BC three years before it was erected on the property on Gabriola. It is a great example of how versatile the modular building style we teach at ISBA is. Build, Ship, Erect.

ISBA main residence drawing/pic - Built and stored 4 years before land  purchased ISBA main residence
Built and stored 4 years before land purchased.

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Residence and Lounge
Main Residence
Courtyard with Rumford Fireplace
Main Entrance
Main Timber P&B Residence
Lounge area with Masonary Fireplace
Pool Room with Rumford Fireplace, Bathroom #1
Entry Lounge
Bedroom #6 Pagoda with Deck
Deck with Rumford Fireplace
Bathroom #2
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2
Bedroom #3
Bathroom #3
Bedroom #4 with balcony
Bedroom #5 with balcony
Bedrm. #6 Interior
Acres of Privacy
Main Residence