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Our two day hands-on workshops cover the basics of SketchUp and work toward a complete drawing of the Project: Post & Beam Timber Frame or Hammer Bents structures as presented in the "Master's Guide to Timber Framing". In the process, students will develop an extensive library of components that can be reused again and again in subsequent drawings and designs.

Level 1 will introduce students to SketchUp and install the program on student personal computers. Creative techniques will be used to draw 3D objects using rectangle, line and push/pull tools. Simple tenon joinery and complex shouldered dovetails, lap joints, rafters and knee braces will comprise the drawing of the single storey Post and Beam timber frame structure as presented in the "Master's Guide to Timber Framing" as well as a reusable timber frame components library containing posts, beams, knee braces and rafters.

In Level 2, Students will be introduced to the Ruby Scripts plug-in for Timber Framers, how to install it, and how it will help automatically generate joinery, timber lists, and shop drawings. Please note: Students must provide their own laptop computer (Mac or PC) with the latest free version of Trimble SketchUp Make (or SketchUp Pro) installed. A two-button mouse with a scroll-wheel is highly recommended.  Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2.

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