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Joinery is a visual medium with language playing a minor role…don’t worry. Students from distant countries in all corners of the globe have attended our school. We find our international students add to the eclectic mix of our school and community

To make things easier for these potential students we encourage our foreign students to apply for ‘Student Authorization’ from the nearest Canadian Embassy in their home country. To apply for ‘Student Authorization’ the Canadian Embassy requires the following.

  • Island School of Building Arts Brochure
  • Registration Form
  • Confirmation to Attend

This can all be sent, once a student is registered. To avoid delays, it is suggested that a student apply as early as possible (two to three months before class begins), as it does take time to process all of your registration information.
When crossing any border a student may be asked to provide proof of their registration to our school. Other things that can be asked for is proof of arranged accommodation as well as bank information. Please keep these sorts of documents handy in addition to your personal identification while you are traveling.
Please Note: International students must supply their own personal medical insurance while attending our classes.

International Students