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Joinery is a visual medium with language playing a minor role, so don’t worry if English is not your first language. Students from all corners of the globe have come to ISBA to learn and we find that our international students add to the eclectic mix in our classes and our community.

Many students can come to Canada and study at ISBA with a simple passport or visitor’s visa. It is best to check with the Canadian Embassy in your country to see what they require. Our four week classes provide more class contact hours than a typical University semester but, because ISBA classes are condensed and do not fit within the same structure as a University or College, a Student Authorization does not apply.

If the Embassy, or your country, requires you to apply to travel to Canada, you will want to start that process as early as possible as it does take time to process registration paperwork. ISBA sends each student a confirmation letter and contract and we suggest that you include those with your travel documents, in case you are asked to provide proof of registration when you enter Canada.

Please Note: International students must provide their own personal medical insurance while in Canada.

International Students