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Information about Registering
Register as early as possible to ensure a position in our courses. It is advantageous to email in advance to be sure that your requested course has availability.  Once you have confirmation of availability in your desired course send a completed registration package with your registration fee to our school address. To ensure we are getting serious applicants, our registration fee is non refundable but will be taken off the students tuition. Only when we have received you registration and fees will a position be held.

Information Package and Tuition Payment
After we have received a registration an information package will be sent. It will outline tuition amounts as well as a schedule for payment. A student will be required to send half of their tuition 6 weeks before the course begins. This gives us time to notify other interested applicants if a student can’t attend for some reason. The balance of the tuition is due on the first day of class.  Accepted methods of payment include Interac e-transfer, cheque,  bank transfer, Transferwise, money order, traveller’s cheque or cash. We do not accept credit cards.

Arrival at the School
Arrive at the school premises on the course start date at 9:00 am Monday morning to meet the Instructor, Fellow Students and the Student Advisor. You will sign a waiver and pay the remainder of tuition at that time. Class hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with one hour for lunch.

At ISBA we start to make dust on day 1! Regular attendance is a necessity, we cover a lot of material in our courses. Our Instructors have been guiding students (aged 18-65) successfully for years.  Individual drive is linked with success. Refer to the student testimonials and see what our alumni have to say.

ISBA keeps a current list of rentals available on Gabriola. The student advisor will send a copy of the list as well as a map of Gabriola Island showing shopping, restaurant, pubs, and other points of interests, in the information package that is sent to each student.