Post and Beam Fall 2005
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PROJECT - 1280 square foot timber Post & Beam Building. 24 ft. X 32 ft. main floor with 16 ft. X 8 ft. addition and a 24 ft. X 16 ft. second floor. Fir 8” X 8” timbers with 4” X 12” curved kneebraces. Gable roof system with Purlins and Ridge Beam on King Posts and two shed Dormers.

STUDENTS - Philip Nelson, Houghton, New York. Simon Godfrey, Cambridge, UK. Philip Kettles, Edmonton, Alberta. Daniel Gnapp, Abbotsford , BC. Luke Dubbeldam, Sherwood Park, AB. Stuart Worrall, Vancouver, BC. Aaron Lester, Edmonton, AB. George Providas, Montreal, Quebec. Adrian Moore, Halifax, NS. Liam Cullen, Redwood Meadows, AB. Michael Munn, Amherst, Massachusetts. Caleb Larson, Missoula, Montana. Mitchell Linebarger, Kanai, Alaska.

There was excitement and anticipation in the air on the last day of class. The students grasped this time to put together all their joinery pieces. Wrapping their minds around this style of structural design and laboring intensely over their pieces the past four weeks. Absorbing so much...Finally getting to see it all join together to become an intricate puzzle, forming a beautiful building. How rewarding!

A big applause extended to our Timber Post & Beam students! It was an amazing day to watch you from start to finish. Team work, hard work and capability. It really showed...

A special thanks to our appointed student foreman, Adrian. You were a true leader that day. You maintained focus and direction and played a great role in the raise.

Spectacular workmanship! Congratulations to every one of you.

Moving on...

Daniel Gnapp- Our hearty firefighter, bush jumper! It was a pleasure having you Dan. You maintained positive focus and made it through! You were a great team player and woodworker. All the best to you in your future. I know you will do just fine!

Philip Kettles- Phil, you were good, real good. It was interesting to see you manifest a natural ability in this type of woodwork. You were a terrific person to have on this course. Very kind and helpful, brave and talented. Looking forward to seeing you in the ?Bents? course in the future!

Stuart Worrall- Another natural talent and team player... Stuart, we were sad to see you go! You were a hearty, hard working woodworker intuitively grasping these building concepts. You were an integral part of this class. Take care of yourself!

Now... We are into the very last four weeks of this semester- TIMBER FRAME BENTS.

We have four more students joining us. Dave Clarke from Calgary, Alberta. Dave Brown from Vancouver, BC. Shane Mackintosh from Twin Butte, AB and Bryce Connaty from Coal Harbour, BC. WELCOME!

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