Timber Frame Bents Fall 2006
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PROJECT - Hammer Bents

Three Timber Hammer Bent Frame Trusses with Connecting Girts forming a space of 20 ft. x 30 ft. with a cathedral ceiling 24 ft. high. Each Frame Truss is comprised of Douglas Fir 8” x 10” Posts with 6” x 10”Hammer Girts & Posts; 6” x 10” Anchor Beam, Principal Rafters, and 4” x 12” curved kneebraces. 8” x 8” Purlins form the gable roof system. This Project employs Centerline Square-rule Layout on virtually ?corrected? timbers thereby allowing for precise joinery on bowed, twisted or tapered wood. The Tenon, Housing and "Fat" result in strong, accurate joinery.

STUDENTS - Thomas McGill - Kelowna BC, Kevin Himech - Houston, BC, Nicolas Rioux – Victoria BC, Gabriel Le Roux – South Africa, Kimmo Kuoppala – Penticton BC, Iain Scott – Half Moon Bay BC, Krishna Plocher – Lake Tahoe, California, plus veteran ISBA student Albert Hannig, hailing from Summerland, Gordon Innis from Prince George BC, Ben Tooby from Victoria, BC and Klaus Pedersen all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark.

That?s it & the big crescendo and Raising of the magnificent Hammer Bents! This past month has been a beehive of activity; watching your woodworking abilities blossom, friendships forged and memories made. Congratulations to you all - it was a wonderful experience!

Keep in touch with the ISBA mother ship as you go forth and explore!


Tom McGill - Always ready and very steady, Tom's obvious passion and concentration combined with his carpentry skills places him as a master in the making. We'll miss your grin after this past 12 weeks.

Kevin Himech - Kevin's planning on taking his logging business and applying it in new ways.. 12 weeks of Log, Post & Beam, and Bents, puts a lot of new skills in his pocket. Your smiling face and delightful personality will be sorely missed.

Nicolas Rioux – Another 12 week grad this quiet, young Quebecois, was so camera–shy. Nic we miss you already, you?ve made so many friends here on Gabriola! Nic will be heading back to Quebec City, with a whole new bag of tricks. Good luck and safe journey, Nic !

Gabriel Le Roux - Your ability to focus and get the perfect fit, finding the best possible means to do so, was uncanny. It shows your ingenuity and knowledge of woodworking. It was great meeting both you and your partner, Lucia. After the past 12 weeks, it will be exciting to apply your new skills in South Africa!

Kimmo Kuoppala – "Mo" to his friends, this young business-man was planning his next big job, while learning here at ISBA. He and Klaus Pedersen will go back to Penticton to build a Timber Frame House. Send us pictures of your progress!

Iain Scott - Land is looking so much more appealing to Iain after a few Fall storms on the Silva Bay. Iain's home is his boat, for now but he's looking for a more permanent berth on which to build his dream Timber Frame Home. Hope it is near Gabriola, Iain!

Krishna Plocher - A relative newcomer to woodworking, Krishna, exhibited a stellar rise on a very steep learning curve. Now, that's passion and focus! Krishna plans to find work in Timber Frame Building in Santa Rosa, California.

Ben Tooby - The "wise apple in the barrel" and the youngest of our Bents team at 23 years, the way Ben slings timbers around is scary! He is a cabinet maker, turned Timber Framer and will continue his work in the North Saanich area of Vancouver Island.

Albert Hannig - Al, hailing from Summerland BC, is a past graduate of our Stone Work, and Post & Beam Courses of 2005. He keeps coming back for more building courses. And who knows he may become a Timber Framer! Good luck in all your endeavors Al!

Klaus Pedersen - Klaus is a cabinet maker from Copenhagen, who now does his precision craft on large timbers. He and Kimmo plan on building one soon! Keep in touch guys and we'll post a picture of your work!

Gordon Innis – Coming to us from the aviation industry up in Prince George, BC, Gordon, a helicopter pilot, hopes to build his own Timber Frame home for his family, and now has the knowledge to do so! Go for it Gord!

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