Post and Beam Spring 2007
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PROJECT - 1404 square foot timber Post&Beam Building 24 ft. X 40 ft. main floor with 24ft. X 16ft. second floor. Fir 8 X 8 timbers comprising the posts and beams with 4 X 10 curved kneebraces and 6"X 8" floor joists. Two Gable roof lines on King Posts and two Shed Dormers.

STUDENTS - Wayne Froese, from McBride B.C. , Joel Gordon from Charleston South Carolina, Jim and Tumbah Antoine (father &son) from Fort Simpson, NWT , Anthony McRae from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Josh Wetmore, from Oakland, California, Dave Davidson from Courtenay, B.C. ,Dave Merchant from Onalaska, WahingtonUS., Lindsay Fuller from Seattle Washington US, Stuart Edens from New Zealand via Purley, Surrey in England, Jim Hardill, from Gravenhurst, Ontario, Stefan Bjarnason from Protection Island, BC,Thor Emory from Lincolnville, Maine,USA, Jordan Downey from Calgary, Alberta.

What a team these folks presented, finishing the Raise in record time.

We had a team of both experienced and novice Carpenters/Builders, coming from the North West Territories, Alberta, Ontario, the US, England ,the Gulf Islands and BC too!

This semester's students have proven themselves to be a most determined and hard working group. Congratulations to all of you on the successful completion of the Timber Post & Beam portion of our Program- you are an inspiration to all.

GRADUATION - Best of luck to our graduates from Post & Beam- Keen woman builder- Lindsay Fuller, Engineer Jim Hardill, Human Geographer - Stefan Bjarnason and our first KIWI , New Zealander, Stuart Edens. Everyone,with their various backgrounds, are enjoying island life and each other's company. Here, they are all working for a common goal, which is- learning the age old craft of Timberframe.

This past four weeks, although intensive, has been a rewarding experience for all. As I walk around the worksite and see smiling faces and the focus and absorption in what they are doing, one can't help but feel a sense of pride in what they are accomplishing... It all comes together in the end. A Raise, a structural piece of functional art, and 14 exhilarated, and beaming students.

To those that are leaving us...
Keep in touch! Congratulations to each of you!

To those remaining for the BENTS... onward and upward!

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