Timber Frame Bents Spring 2007
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PROJECT - Three Timber Hammer Bent Frame Trusses with Connecting Girts forming a space of 20 ft. x 30 ft. with a cathedral ceiling 24 ft. high. Each Frame Truss is comprised of Douglas Fir 8" x 10" Posts with 6" x 10" Hammer Girts & Posts; 6" x 10" Anchor Beam, Principal Rafters, and 4" x 12" curved kneebraces. 8" x 8" Purlins form the gable roof system. This Project employs Centerline Square-rule Layout on virtually "corrected" timbers thereby allowing for precise joinery on curved, twisted or tapered wood. The Tenon, Housing and "Fat" result in strong, accurate joinery.

STUDENTS - Wayne Froese and James Hulka, from McBride, BC, Joel Gordon – Charleston, South Carolina, US, Tumbah Antoine and Jim Antoine – Fort Simpson, NWT., Anthony McRae – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Josh Wetmore – Oakland, California, US Dave Davidson – Courtenay, BC, Dave Merchant – Onalaska, Washington, US, Thor Emory – Lincolnville, Maine US, Keith Hickman from Deer Park, Texas, US, Jordan Downey from Calgary, Alberta, Wayne Andrews, from Surrey, BC and Dominic Briand from Mont St. Bruno, Quebec.

The Bents is an exacting Course with fine cutting and precise joinery, a challenge to any builder, and at this these students excelled. There were innovations as well by Josh Wetmore, with a cross brace on the middle Bent that posed new challenges. It was very satisfying to see the final product. Everyone pulled together as a team working right to 5 o'clock to get this unique Frame finished. What a beauty!

They should all be proud of their new found skills and return home to put them to good use…

GRADUATION - Leaving us …

Thor Emory
- The Nordic giant who happened to be at home on the beams will take his wife and baby back to Maine. It was wonderful having your family here on Gabriola Island.

James Hulka - James managed to step into stride with Wayne, his buddy from McBride,and get things done. James is building a Timber Frame to sell when he returns to his workshop. Again send us pictures , James.

Dominic Briand – Our French Canadian student who is an automation engineer from Montreal, brought very different skills to the classroom. He will be happy to see his wife and young son when he returns.

Keith Hickman – Working with Keith has been a pleasure. This tall Texan would greet me every day with a ten-gallon-hat smile and quietly turn his concentration to the job. Keep in touch Keith!

Jim Antoine - Jim plans on returning for the Introduction to Stone work Course in June and to see what his son Tumbah has achieved on his Log building Course.

Dave Merchant - Retired US serviceman, Dave has built his own home and is intending to build a timber Frame workshop when he gets back to Onalaska, Washington. Send us pictures!

Wayne Andrews - Wayne is a Carpentry teacher in Kawantlen college College, BC and will eventually do all three courses at ISBA . He brings back the knowledge of Timber Frame Building to his learning institute.

Carrying on in the next Course, Building With Logs are this terms’ Jordan Downey, Joel Gordon, Tumbah Antoine, Wayne Froese, Anthony McRae, Josh Wetmore, and Dave Davidson. They will be joined by new students,(another) Dave Miller, a custom cabinetry carpenter from Emmett Idaho, US, Brian Drahnak from Grand Ledge, Michigan and Malte Pannecke from Germany (via Abbotsford, BC. )

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