Building with Logs Spring 2005
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PROJECT - Log building 16 X 16 addition using Scribed Joinery. Saddle Notched corners with Piece-en Piece wall system. Log Top Plate using Mitred- Lap corner joinery. Gable roof system with Kingpost supporting Ridge Beam. Additional practice on 10' x 12' sauna bldg and 8 x 8 Diamond Notch Bldg.

STUDENTS - Phillip Morgan, Kamloops, BC. Jiri Holec, Czech Republic. Bryan Hatfield, Breckenridge, Colorado. Jim Hrymack, Saskatchewan. Conrad Bagne, Anchorage, Alaska. Tristan Kaulback, Summerland , BC. Mat Rusher, Wanaka, New Zealand.

After an INTENSE 12 weeks, ISBA'S semester is over. 'Building with Logs', is heavy work reaping many rewards,as each individual is leaving with knowledge and skill to take their practice to a deeper level. Be it to build your own home, or to enter the Industry, or even to have gained more confidence with some powerful tools and machinery - you are well on your way. I hope you will achieve your dreams, whatever they may be... Congratulations to all of you and the hard work and commitment you put into this course.

A big applause to Jiri Holec, our Spring 2005 Valedictorian. Jiri came into this program pretty green at woodwork in general. His appetite for learning and his natural ability to work hard and excel in whatever he wants to accomplish earned him the 'Chisel'. We are proud of you Jiri and know you will do excellent in your any of your future endeavors.

Some wonderful people pass through the school and it has been a priveledge knowing, sharing experience and lauging with you. Please keep in touch....

"Don't fight the waves. Dive under. Bob up. Catch the curl and ride the wave. The ocean is stronger than you; you might as well be a matchstick in comparison. But if you yeild to the waves. They carry you. Their power becomes you".

Our 'Introduction to Stone Work' begins soon- Stay tuned!

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