Timber Frame Bents Fall 2005
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PROJECT - Project- Three Timber Hammer Bent Frame Trusses with Connecting Girts forming a space of 20 ft. x 30 ft. with a cathedral ceiling 21 ft. high. Each Frame Truss is comprised of Fir 8” x 10” Posts with 6” x 10”Hammer Girts & Posts; 6” x 10” Anchor Beam, King Post and Principal Rafters, and 4” x 12” curved kneebraces. 8” x 8” Purlins with 6” x 10” Ridge form the gable roof system. This Project employs Square-rule Layout on virtually ?corrected? timbers thereby allowing for precise joinery on curved, twisted or tapered wood.

This semester was full of gifted woodworkers, hearty, intelligent and inspiring. I am truly sad to see it end...Too many good people in this course, whom have come with the same goal in mind. Having achieved new skills, I cannot wait to see the creativity that will manifest from this program. Be it to build a family home, to add timber and log elements to design and/ or to work within this booming Industry, you are ready. Jump in with both feet.

STUDENTS - Simon Godfrey, Cambridge, UK. Philip Nelson, Houghton, New York. Aaron Lester, Edmonton, AB. George Providas, Montreal, Quebec. Adrian Moore, Halifax, NS.Liam Cullen, Redwood Meadows, AB. Michael Munn, Amherst, Massachusetts. Caleb Larson, Missoula, MT. Mitchell Linebarger, Kanai, Alaska. Shane Mackintosh, Twin Butte, AB. Dave Clarke, Calgary, AB. Bryce Connaty, Coal Harbour, BC. Dave Brown, North Vancouver, BC.

GRADUATION - We at ISBA congratulate all of you. You all deserve recognition for your achievements…

This semester was extremely difficult to choose our Valedictorian. In the end , the Chisel was awarded to Adrian Moore. A big standing ovation to you A! You worked so hard with great intensity and we know you will go far…

A heartfelt thank you to all of you for the past three months . We have learned a lot from each other, even beyond the chisels and chainsaws. I wish you happiness in all your intentions.

Trust and risk, open and build, break out with fullness into whatever inspires your passion and creativity. Go forth…

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