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PROJECT - Timber Frame Hammer Bent Frame with Connecting Girts forming a space of 20 ft. x 15 ft. with a cathedral ceiling 21 ft. high. Fir 8" x 10", Posts with 6" x 10" Beams and 4" x 12" curved kneebraces. Multi-purlin gable roof system. This Project employs Square-rule Layout on virtually 'corrected' timbers thereby allowing for precise joinery on curved, twisted or tapered wood. Note: This Timber Bent will connect to the 20 ft x 20 ft. two storey Post & Beam Framework built on the last course.

STUDENTS - Thomas Stitt, Kelowna, BC. Phillip Morgan,Kamloops, BC, Thomas Skjodt, Hilleroed, Denmark. Bryan Hatfield, Breckenridge, Colorado. Jiri Holec, Czech Republic, Tom Allan, England.

A storm was brewing but as the day progressed the sun appeared just in time for the Raise. The student Timber Frame Bents project a success! This semesters students came to task with precise joinery and creative added elements to make this project a real work of functional Art. Congratulations to all participants!

Tom Allan, sadly had to leave the course early because of family matters back home. We surely missed his presence and extend an open invitation to finish up at a later date. You were establishing a strong grasp of this type of woodworking and we want to see you finish. Wishing you all the best Tom and look forward to seeing you again.

Thomas Skjodt- Another gifted woodworker who naturally picked up the skills taught to him. Participated fully in every aspect and was amazing in the Raise. It was wonderful meeting you Thomas! Best of luck to you on your woodworking journey and your near retirement from the Military in Denmark! Take care!

Thomas Stitt- this man is good! A seasoned carpenter already. Tom was with us for the last eight weeks and was such a delight. An extremely gifted woodworker and leader, braving the heights in the Raise and taking on any task with ease. We all learned so much from Tom, as he did from ISBA. Tom will design and build some high quality Timber frames real soon, and we can't wait to see what he does next. Tom will be missed here... Stay real my friend, always keep in touch and we wish you success in all that you strive to accomplish- great things we are sure! Best wishes to Tina, Nico and Tommy- enjoy that family!!!

We are now into 'Building with Logs'. The last four weeks in our Spring semester. Joining us now is Mat Rusher, Pro Snowboarder from New Zealand, Conrad Bagne, woodsman from Alaska, Jim Hyrmack, Fighter Pilot from Saskatchewan and Tristan Kaulback, from Summerland, BC.

Good energy already...

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