Timber Frame Bents Fall 2004
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PROJECT - Two Timber Frame Hammer Bent Frames with Connecting Girts forming two spaces of 20 ft. x 15 ft. each with a Cathedral ceiling 21 ft. high. Fir 8" x 10", Posts with 6" x 10" Beams and 4" x 12" curved kneebraces. Multi- Purlin gable roof system. This project employs Square-rule Layout on virtually 'corrected' timbers, thereby allowing for precise joinery on curved, twisted or tapered wood. Note: These Timber Bents will connect to the 20 ft. x 20 ft. two storey Post & Beam Framework built on the last course (Timber Post & Beam).

STUDENTS - William Denton, Arlington, Virginia. Cameron Wilson, Missoula, Montana. Dave Watson, Telkwa, BC. Nathan Balthazor, New London, Wisconsin. Ron Jasper, Seattle, Washington. Sam Etemadi, Alberta. Frederic Tremblay, St.- Alexandre, Quebec.

A few weeks have gone by since the Fall course has ended.By now, the sawdust has been washed from our skin and we all have had time to reflect on what has transpired and what was acquired in the time of the program. New skills, close friends, unbreakable bonds, an enlightening Island experience. Many memorable moments in time that we can look back at , smell the wood, feel that ocean breeze, and hear the laughter,,, I enjoyed this course and the participants very much and will always remember the positive individual characteristics that each person held, and that I learned from, with a smile... I extend an open invitation to all of you to come back anytime- you are most welcome.

Congratulations to all of you for all the sweat, perseverance, dedication and overtime that you all put into this last three months... A standing ovation to Frederic Tremblay, our Fall 2004 Valedictorian. It was a very difficult decision, as you all excelled in all aspects of the courses. Overall- Frederic kept an even keel and showed us his perfection... Wherever your paths may take you, I hope your journey is magical ,cultivates your creativity and that we may cross paths again.

The only aggressive attitude that is acceptable is recognizing one's own talent and working with unshakable determination. saying to oneself, 'I , too am capable, I will succeed'. Human life is short lived and that it is best to make our brief sojourn on this Earth something that is useful to oneself and others.- The Dalai Lama

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