Post and Beam Fall 2004
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PROJECT - Timber Post & Beam Building 20ft. x20ft. main floor with 20. ft x20ft. second floor. Fir 8" x 8" timbers with 4" x 12" curved kneebraces. Gable roof system with Purlins and Ridge Beam on King Posts. Note- This Post & Beam Building Frame will connect to Hammer Bents( next disciplines student project) that will form two open great rooms.

STUDENTS - Brad White, Courtney, BC. Issac Williams, Sooke BC. Albert Hannig, Summerland, BC. Sam Etemadi, Alberta. Cameron Wilson, Missoula, Montana. Ron Jasper, Seattle, Washington. Frederic Tremblay, St- Alexandre, Quebec. Nathan Balthazor, New London, Wisconsin. William Denton, Arlington, Virginia.

This semesters students have proven themselves to be the most determined and hardest working group I have seen yet! Running on adrenalin and working overtime with gusto to complete a large student project with the most joinery we have given thus far. Congratulations to all of you on the successful completion to the Timber Post & Beam portion of our Program- you are an inspiration to all.

Best of luck to our graduates from Post & Beam- Brad White, Albert Hannig and Isaac Williams. We are very proud of your accomplishments and the extra time and sweat that you put into this building- keep in touch!

Joining us now is Dave Watson, a woodworker and tree planter from Telkwa, BC. Welcome!

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