Timber Frame Bents Spring 2004
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PROJECT - Two Timber Frame Hammer Bent Frames with Connecting Girts forming a space of 20 ft.x 16 ft. with cathedral ceiling 21 ft. high. Fir 8" x 10" Posts with 6" x 10" Beams and 4" x 10" curved kneebraces. Multi- Purlin gable roof system. Attached 20' x 12' Timber Post & Beam Frame with kneebraces.

STUDENTS - Bernie Fox, London, UK. Adrian Schamberger, Pender Island, BC. Blair Morphet, Victoria, BC. Steve Hilbert, Quesnel, BC. Tristan Caron, Quebec City, Quebec. Ryota Konno, Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Chris Greig,Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

With determination and intensity the Mighty Hammer Bents portion of our Semester has been conquered. From Lofting to the Raising, this semester's students have proven themselves committed to absorbing the skills at ISBA along with an industrious aptitude to completing the task. Compliments to all of you!

Steve Hilbert , Blair Morphet and Adrian Schamberger are moving onwards and outwards to the next phase of their development- Steve to get back to the Ranch in Quesnel and utilize the knowledge obtained at the school to educate his First Nation Community. Blair will be settling into his new home, awaiting the birth of his first child and honing his skill on a grand timber frame workshop. And Adrian is heading back to his family on Pender Island, back to building with an added flair to his creativity. Your energy and presence will be missed. Best wishes to you all....

Joining the group now is Junichi Tada from Tokyo Japan- Jimmy Van Lanen from Utah, U.S.A- Ian Clark from Chilliwack BC- Aiden Reveley from Aberystwyth, Wales, and Tim Underhill from Pender Island, BC. Welcome!

Now on to the last portion of our semester 'Building with Logs'. Hard work, an abundance of sweat , camaraderie, tool proficiency, mixed with tree climbing, tree felling and many laughs.

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