Post and Beam Fall 2003
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The second of the three projects to be done this semester is complete! The students progressively picked up the knowledge and craftsmanship to enable their joinery pieces to come together and expand into an exquisite Timber Frame building.- 20ft x40ft main floor with 16ft x 24ft second floor, using 8" x8" timbers with 4" x 12" curved kneebraces . Two Gable Roof System with Ridge Beams on King Posts. Spectacular.

Goodbye to Tsuyoshi Takahashi. You were a definite joy to have for the last two months. Not only have you grasped the art of working with Big Wood, your English interpretation and language skills have improved 100%. It's good to know that you will be staying on the Island for awhile and utilizing the skills you picked up at ISBA. Will see you soon Tsyosh !

On to the mighty ' Timber Frame Bents" portion of the semester- Joinery at an advanced level.

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