Stone Work Fall 2005
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PROJECT - Project- Courtyard fireplace flowing into an arched entrance.

STUDENTS - Michael Munn, Amherst, Massachusetts. George Providas, Montreal, Quebec. Mark Fortin, Cumberland, BC. Mark Kachaluba, Vancouver, BC. Darren Nittel, Gabriola Island, BC. Albert Hannig, Summerland, BC. Ray Wilson, Edmonton, AB. Lonnie Kaechele, Kimberly, BC. Tristan Caron, Quebec.

INSTRUCTORS- Chris Bell and Richard Lloyd, England

Two weeks flew by chock full of expertise instruction by award winning Stone mason Chris Bell. The hard work manifested a masterful student project. The esthetic and inner functioning of a stone fireplace and archway enables the student to produce a similar project of their own, in business or personal projects. And to use the skills in many forms of landscaping design and construction.

Congratulations to the students for their heartiness and capabilities in stone work. We can?t wait to see where it takes you!

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November 25 - December 9
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