Building with Logs Fall 2003
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Class project complete! Braving the elements, and working overtime to make the Raise- the students prevailed- showing what perseverance and skill can accomplish- a 24 ft x 24ft log structure, made with dynamic teamwork, ability and a lot of laughs. We have yet another eclectic group of individuals this semester- travelers from Japan, England, New Brunswick , Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Minnesota.

So far we are left with many memorable moments, along with a good amount of sweat and integrity. More to come..

Goodbye and good fortune to our departing students - Adam Pyrke- all the best to you , Ruth and the kids, keep in touch. May your log building dreams expand at your new job at Moose Mountain.

Darren Anderson- you sure left an impression! Not only with your skill, but also with your athletic ability, which was proven the night of your Bday, and during the Range of Motion the day after! Wishing you success in all you strive to achieve.

Mike Rabin - it was a pleasure having you on the course, your solid and patient demeanor was truly a gift- Hope to see you again soon.

Joining us now is Jordan Yee from Florida, Derek Whitt from Campbell River, and Leah Hokanson from Gabriola Island - Welcome!

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