Timber Frame Bents Spring 2003
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Another month has flown by, packed with Instruction, from Structural Design with Tony Elston to the technicalities of a Raising using different mathematical techniques. The students have been extremely busy- absorbing information, working and fitting together their pieces and the intricate joinery of the almighty Hammerbents. A Raising, mill demonstrations and the opportunity to make and use their own Joinery templates- this has been a busy month!

Good luck to the students who are moving on to the next chapter of their being- Jordan and Bill Smith, Steve Godley and Cody Bradford- wishing you the very best in all life’s adventures…

We are starting up the last of our three disciplines May 26 ‘Building with Logs’. Coming to join us is Sheldon Croucher from Ferne, BC and Ian Godfrey from Toronto, Ontario.

Welcome to ISBA…

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