Post and Beam Spring 2003
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Coming from as far as Japan and Korea and as nearby as Mudge Island. The students have arrived!

The excitement and eagerness to learn is very apparent, the camaraderie between students from many different backgrounds and life experiences is establishing itself. We are looking forward to seeing all that will be accomplished, as they are ready to soak up all the skills and philosophies that we instill in our curriculum. This shall be an incredible learning experience for all of us...

PROJECT - The rain could not hold them back - The Timber Post and Beam raise was a success!

After many days of Instuction and the Joinery of their pieces - our students were triumphant in building their class project - a 17ft x 24ft (700 sq. ft.) Timber Post and Beam Frame that connects to the Fall 02 student constructed Log building (16ft x 16ft). Showing students how intermingling designs can work beautifully.

Fantastic work! Congratulations to all participants!

STUDENTS - Chandler Sneyd from Saitama, Japan - John Cox from Raleigh, North Carolina - Keita Hanai from Mie-ken, Japan - Mark Crawford from Vancouver, British Columbia - Ted Clark from Nelson, British Columbia - Fred Steenheisen from Forest Grove, British Columbia - Craig Gonter from Harvard, Massachusetts - Matthew Bromson from North Granby, Connecticut - Cody Bradford from Edmonton, Alberta - Mark Kachaluba from Vancouver, British Columbia - Lee Young Joon from Jinhae, South Korea - Trevor Hendriks from Mudge Island, British Columbia

GRADUATION - Congratulations to our Graduates from Timber Post & Beam, Mark Kachaluba and Trevor Hendriks- Your presence will surely be missed by us all- Keep in touch and best of luck to you now and in all your future endeavors...

The rest are staying on for our Timber Frame Bents Course, with an additional three students- Father /son team Bill and Jordan Smith from Sagle, Idaho, and Steve Godley from Abbotsford, BC- Welcome To ISBA...

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