Building with Logs Spring 2008
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PROJECT - Log Piece-en-Piece building 16'X 16' using Scribe Layout joinery for the log infill walls and Square Rule Layout for the log Post & Beam mortise and tenon framework. An additional 8'X8' Saddle Notched log block work building using Scribe layout and joinery provide the generic corners for the Piece-en-Piece wall system. The log Top Plates employed Mitered-Lap corner joinery. A Gable roof system with Kingpost trusses supporting a log Ridge Beam with Mortise and Tenon Joinery. Additional practice on 10' X 12' sauna building employing scribed Saddle notch joinery.

INSTRUCTOR- James Mitchell

STUDENTS - Albert Hannig – Summerland, British Columbia
James Lester – Fort St. John ,British Columbia
Larry O’Loane – Ketchikan, Alaska
Maurice Poulin - Kaministiquia, Ontario
Peter Rados – White Haven, United Kingdom
Andi Rutz – Herisau, Switzerland
Kyle Scheler – North Battleford, Saskatchewan
Kellie Shincke – Olympia, Washington
Steve Wagner – Owen Sound, Ontario

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May 19 - Jun 13
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