Post and Beam Spring 2006
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PROJECT - 1400 square foot timber Post&Beam Building 24 ft. X 32 ft. main floor with 16 ft. X 8 ft. addition and a 24 ft. X 24 ft. second floor. Fir 8” X 8” timbers with 4” X 12” curved kneebraces. Gable roof system with Purlins and Ridge Beam on King Posts and two shed Dormers.

STUDENTS - Rob Wilkes, Ontario. Lorne Harder, Courtenay, BC. Dan Brown, Merritt, BC. Helius Stel, Gelderland, Holland. Ron Porat, Gabriola Island, BC. Ian Heaps, Collingwood, Ont. Paul Prosch-Jensen, Port Orford, Oregon. Pat Wilson, Sointula, BC. Tony Painter, Whitehorse, Yukon. Dave Carter, Nanaimo, BC. James Ward, Bristol, UK. Billy Baker, Right here- Right now, BC. Paul McElligott, Ottawa, Ont., John Swope, Encola, PA

What a time we had!
We have another group of creative people coming together; bringing along past life experience and opening themselves up to new challenges.

This semester we have diverse characteristics and backgrounds- A carver, a computer genius, a lifetime logger, a businessman, a handy man, a shoe salesman, one carpenter, two roofers and a couple of people trying to find their path. This is one fascinating group... Everyone, despite their differences, is enjoying island life and each other. Here, where everyone is on equal footing and striving for a common goal, which is- learning the age old craft of Timberframe.

This past four weeks, although intensive, has been a rewarding experience for all. As I walk around the worksite and see smiling faces and the focus and absorption in what they are doing, one can?t help but feel a sense of pride in what they are accomplishing... It all comes together in the end. A Raise, a structural piece of functional art, and 14 tired, but beaming students. Congratulations to each of you!

Unfortunately , some students have to face their realities and responsibilities back home. Leaving us are truly amazing people who I hope stay in contact with the school wherever their journeys take them. New openings for you in the land of woodwork- show us your stuff! Adios amigos...

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March 27 - April 21
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