Building with Logs Fall 2008
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PROJECT - Log Piece-en-Piece building 16X 16 using Scribe Layout joinery for the log infill walls and Square Rule Layout for the log Post & Beam mortise and tenon framework. An additional 8X8 Saddle Notched log block work building using Scribe layout and joinery provide the generic corners for the Piece-en-Piece wall system. The log Top Plates employed Mitered-Lap corner joinery. A Gable roof system with Kingpost trusses supporting a log Ridge Beam with mortise and tenon joinery. Additional practice on 10 X 12 sauna building employing scribed Saddle notch joinery.

Instructor- James Mitchell

STUDENTS - Emmanuel Boulogne Tahiti, French Polynesia
Andre Charbonneau British Columbia
Colin Chorney Kelowna, British Columbia
Arlen Kanary Vanderhoof, British Columbia
Iain Long Vancouver British Columbia
Steve MacPherson Ottawa, Ontario
Matt Rowland Vancouver, British Columbia
Jeff Serle Fraser Lake, British Columbia
Calef Staples Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Arkell Yardley Fort Nelson, British Columbia

A sunny 4 weeks of Log Building has ended for the fall term. From chainsaw efficiency, milling, scribing, many notches, mortise and tenons our students have acquired a multitude of skills. The end result of all this learning A successful raise, a beautiful log structure built by a team of 10 accomplished students. One student will leave us to go home. 9 others stay on to do both of our other courses.

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