Post and Beam Spring 2009
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PROJECT - 1408 square foot timber Post & Beam building. Framework measures 24 X 40 on the main floor with a 24 X 16 second floor. Fir 8X 8 timbers comprise the posts and beams with 4 X 10 curved knee braces as well as 6X 8 floor joists. Finishing it off is two gable roof lines with ridge beams on king posts with two shed dormers.

Instructor: James Mitchell

STUDENTS - Vincent Ardley Calgary, Alberta
Silvio Bencina Burlington, Ontario
Torrey Culligan Portland, Oregon
Chris Dabney Santa Barbara, California
Blair Duncanson Argyll, Scotland
Ryan Greene Madison, Wisconsin
Seug Joo Kang (Alex) Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)
Ron Mulligan Grand Prairie, Alberta
Zachary Murdoch Greenville, Rhode Island
Don Nickerson Port Hardy, British Columbia
David Rogers Sutton, Ontario
Tyler Salle Barriere, British Columbia
Myron Teneckey Shirley, British Columbia
Bruce Wollison Carson City, Nevada

Class: This bunch of hard working guys managed during our beautifully sunny 4 weeks to finish ahead of schedule. This allowed them to take a fieldtrip to Vancouver Island. Stephen Lawrence from Macdonald & Lawrence was kind enough to give an inspirational tour of their Cobble Hill facilities. The class also was able to tour the sit e of the Kinsol Trestle Bridge slated for restoration as part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Departing from our enthusiastic group are Bruce Wollison, Blair Duncanson and Chris Dabney. Good luck top you all. Stay in touch.

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March 30 - April 24
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