Building with Logs Spring 2009
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PROJECT - 16‘X 16’ Log Piece-en-Piece building. Scribe Layout joinery is used for the log infill walls. Square Rule Layout is used for the log Post & Beam mortise and tenon framework. An additional 8’X8’ Saddle Notched log block work building is made. Scribe layout and joinery provide the generic corners for the Piece-en-Piece wall system. The log Top Plates employed Mitred-Lap corner joinery. A Gable roof system with Kingposts support a log Ridge Beam, with Mortise and Tenon Joinery. Additional practice on 10’ X 12’ sauna building employing scribed Saddle notch joinery.

Instructor: James Mitchell

STUDENTS - Bob Adams – North Bend, Washington
Michael Adams – Snohomish, Washington
Vincent Ardley – Calgary, Alberta
Silvio Bencina – Burlington, Ontario
Eric Clark – Niagara Falls, Ontario
Ryan Greene – Madison, Wisconsin
Seug Joo Kang (Alex) – Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (South Korea)
Zachary Murdoch – Greenville, Rhode Island
Don Nickerson – Port Hardy, British Columbia
David Rogers – Sutton, Ontario

Class: This small class worked very well together, bringing humor and fun to the project. Will miss you guys. Staying with us for the stone course are Vince, Ryan, Alex, Zach and David. Leaving us are Bob Michael Eric, Don, and Silvio. Good luck with all your projects everyone.

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