Stone Work Spring 2009
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PROJECT - 1-42" and 1-36" custom Rumford Fireplaces With reinforced ruff in, faced with hand dressed argillite stone. Hand cut segmental arches with racked joints to give depth and shadow lines.

Both groups to build these amazing stone structures put a huge effort forward. From pouring the footings to building the reinforced ruff ins the students worked hard as teams to build these fully functional fireplaces. These guys toiled in 80 degree weather and stuck with it from hand dressing the argillite stone to finishing the facing, gaining a huge amount of experience and leaving with great pride in their work. Well done guys.


STUDENTS - Sung Joo Kang (Alex), Korea
Louie Modling, Texas
Vincent Ardley, Calgary AB
Ryan Greene, Wisconsin
Zachary Murdoch, Rhode Island
Dave Rogers, Gabriola Island BC (now)
Mark Connell, Texada Island BC
Gary Anderson, Ladysmith BC

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June 22 - July 17
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