Timber Frame Bents Spring 2006
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PROJECT - Project Hammer Bents

Three Timber Hammer Bent Frame Trusses with Connecting Girts forming a space of 20 ft. x 30 ft. with a cathedral ceiling 24 ft. high. Each Frame Truss is comprised of Douglas Fir 8” x 10” Posts with 6” x 10”Hammer Girts & Posts; 6” x 10” Anchor Beam, Principal Rafters, and 4” x 12” curved kneebraces. 8” x 8” Purlins form the gable roof system. This Project employs Centerline Square-rule Layout on virtually 'corrected' timbers thereby allowing for precise joinery on curved, twisted or tapered wood. The Tenon, Housing and 'Fat' result in strong, accurate joinery.

STUDENTS - Rob Wilkes, Ontario. Billy Baker, Nanaimo, BC. Ryan Ward, Sidney. BC. Helius stel, Holland. Dan Brown, Merritt, BC. Lorne Harder, Courtney, BC. John Swope, Encola, Pennsylvanian. Dwayne Sales, Quesnel, BC. Paul McElligott, Ottawa, BC. Ian Heaps, Collingwood, Ontario. Mark Buzzard, Squamish, BC.

It?s hard to believe another four weeks is behind us! Magnificent people, beautiful weather, an extraordinary island experience combined with expertise instruction, intense learning forming an exquisite student project. You all did so well! A standing ovation to all our participating students!!!

The students diligently worked through their projects; wrapping their minds around the complexities of this building system, coming out of it successful and confident. How rewarding is that?!

The difficult part is seeing these great people leave. After spending these weeks with good people with fascinating life experience and vast individuality, seeing them go onto their woodworking journey can be bittersweet. I have high hopes for all of you, and I thank you for sharing this time, your stories of life, and the smiles you brought me everyday. Keep with your goals, work through any difficulties and maintain all you have learned to manifest your dreams. Enjoy the process...

Last but not least- Keep in touch, keep us updated and send us pictures of what you are working on! We are rooting for you so much!

Congratulations to our Timber Frame Bents grads!

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April 24 - May 19
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