Post and Beam Fall 2006
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PROJECT - 1424 square foot timber Post&Beam building framework measuring 24 ft. X 40 ft. on the main floor with a 24 ft. X 16 ft. second floor. Fir 8”X 8” timbers comprising the posts and beams with 4” X 10” curved kneebraces and 6”X 8” floor joists. Two Gable roof lines with Ridge Beams on King Posts and two shed Dormers.

STUDENTS - Thomas McGill- Kelowna BC, Kevin Himech- Houston, BC, Nicholas Rioux – Victoria BC., Gabriel La Roux –South Africa, Mat Crichton – Grovedale Alberta, Kimmo Kuoppala – Penticton BC, Iain Scott – Half Moon Bay BC, Krishna Plocher – Lake Tahoe, California, Scott Taylor-Bosman – Canmore, Alberta, Adam Bishop – Barbados, Bruce Burton – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Daniel Bosch – High Prairie, Alberta, John VanDyk – Boulder, Colorado

We saw great camaraderie and co-operation this term. The raise of the Post & Beam Structure was spectacular and very quick, with all the experienced “high wire boys”. As a result there was plenty of time to learn James Mitchell?s Modular Infill Wall System, and build two units. The end of course party was set against a backdrop of fresh stucco and the smell of hot soup and pizza.

Fine friendships were struck on the course and many plans laid to meet up in the future for more Timber Frame building and of the many percs of attending ISBA.


Mat Crichton Our Albertan cowboy from Grovedale . After recovering from a serious car accident, 3 years ago, you proved your persistence in this course too. Thanks Mat so much for the lucky key-catcher, it?s got pride of place in the office. You worked hard on Post and Beam and came away with a whole new set of skills! Good job.

Scott Taylor-Bosman Your high wire skills came in handy on the raise of this timber frame. It was lovely getting to know you Scott, and to see your fine joinery. Good Luck in Chelsea, Quebec!

Bruce Burton It?s back to the Insurance grind for Bruce, but I?ll bet the weekends will be spent in your workshop at home in Winnipeg. We all enjoyed getting to know you. Thanks for coming.

Adam Bishop Our mad Bajan, you amused us all with your antics. Adam is a world traveler looking to build his own home for wife, Melanie and daughter, Amber. All power to you dreams, Adam. I hope it comes true on Gabriola...

Daniel Bosch You always maintained the shop, Daniel and we all appreciated that, on top of excellent workmanship in your joinery. You should do well in the timber frame industry!

John VanDyk Thanks John for your excellent tunes and laid-back "tude", We all enjoyed getting to know you. John seemed so at home on the heights and worked well on the assembly..looks like you?ve done this before.

And NOW... for Timber Frame Bents ..Coming to us from various locations, we have students from Copenhagen Denmark, the US, and three British Columbians. Making our team 11-strong are veteran ISBA student Albert Hannig, hailing from Summerland, Gordon Innis from Prince George BC, Ben Tooby from Victoria, BC and Klaus Pedersen all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Carrying on with Timber Frame Bents are our Semester students as well - Kevin Himech, Tom McGill, Gabriel LaRoux, Nicholas Rioux, Kimmo Kuoppala, Iain Scott, and Krishna Plocher.

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