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PROJECT - Log building 16"X 16" with 4"X 8" addition using Scribed joinery. Saddle Notched corners with Piece-en-Piece wall system. Log Top Plate using Mitred-Lap corner joinery. Two Gable roofs with Kingposts supporting log Ridge Beams. Additional practice on 10" X 12" sauna building employing scribed Saddle notch joinery and log Gable Ends with log Ridge Beam.

STUDENTS - Thomas McGill- Kelowna BC, Kevin Himech- Houston, BC, Nicholas Rioux – Victoria BC., Gabriel La Roux –South Africa, Noah Hedges-Dubois, Wyoming USA, Elliot Hedges – Geneva, Switzerland.

CLASS SUMMARY - Another fruitful 4 weeks of Log Building at Island School has ended. Although a small crew of six, the outstanding team finished early and went on to fit a King Post Truss with mortice and tenon joinery. From tree-climbing, chainsaw efficiency, to milling, and scribing, many notches, mortises and tenons .... the end result after all that learning – A triumphant Raise, a strong log structure and six men with the knowledge and competence to build in this discipline. Congratulations to all of you! These men showed what co-operation and new-found skills can achieve in a short time.

We again have some very interesting characters on this course... Coming from various locations in the world...From Mpumalanga, South Africa, the US, Switzerland and Canada.... Because they were a small unit they very quickly got on with the work and “gelled” as a team.


Noah Hedges – A quiet and patient character, Noah showed fine skill in handling a chainsaw, cutting to a knife line. He plans to teach friends back in Wyoming, what he has learned and build his own log home, and homes for others.

Elliot Hedges - Coming all the way from Switzerland, Elliot was reunited with his brother, Noah, at ISBA. They hadn't seen each other for 3 years! Four weeks of hauling and hewing logs, seems to have been a great way to reconnect for the brothers. Elliot heads back to Switzerland after a stop-over in Wyoming. He is going to take further timber building courses in Switzerland. Talk about addicted!

CARRYING ON with Timber Post & Beam and Bents...

Kevin Himech - No stranger to tool-handling Kevin was outstanding in his accurate joinery and an easy person to work with. He came with a lot of skills from his experience with the family logging business and his hobby of furniture making, and questions. Another experienced woodworker, he spots what needs doing and does it. Commited Good job! .

Tom McGill – Always ready to share his knowledge, Tom is an excellent woodworker and team player. He has ambitions to work in Timberframe Construction and, like so many of our students, wanting eventually to build their own home; there is no doubt these will become a reality if Tom's grit is any indicator., He's set to start Timber Post & Beam on Oct. 2, and finish with the Bents in November. Right On!

Gabriel LaRoux – Here for the whole 12 week duration, as well, Gabriel is one of those people, willing to go out of his way to achieve his goals. He has a small construction firm in South Africa., and his wife Lucia joined him in the last week of logs.

Nicholas Rioux - A computer programmer originally from Quebec, Nic brings the French flavour of Canada to our team. Hungry for more blockwork he is looking forward to the next 8 weeks. He too intends to start his own hand-crafted building company.

COMING TO US NOW for Timber Post & Beam ... Making it a lucky 13 are Matt Chrichton from Grovedale, Alberta, Kimmo Kuoppala from Penticton, BC, Iain Scott from HalfMoon Bay, BC,, Krishna Plocher from California, USA, Scott Taylor –Bosman from Canmore Alberta, Bruce Burton from Winnipeg Manitoba, Daniel Bosch from High Prairie, Alberta, Adam Bishop from Barbados, and John VanDyk from Boulder, Colorado.

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